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What People say

Rocky Lotito

Digital Engagement Strategist

Saleslift is a tool I find myself constantly using. When other competing services don't have a contact, Saleslift does, again and again. It's effective, intuitive, and affordable, making it an ideal solution for any sales enterprise.

Brett Miller

CEO and Founder, Brik Book

The best prospecting tool I've ever used! Just one click on a LinkedIn profile and it captures their email address. Saleslift is incredible!

Ram Chellamuthu

Founder & CEO, Calicom

Everyday tool for lead generation. Very useful for marketers.

Ramesh Srinivasan

Chief Executive, lessburn

We are marketers and serve to diversified clients. Our team heavily relies on Saleslift and it simplifies our job to get business email addresses of decision makers with just one click.

Melanie ter Borg

Partner and Co-Founder, NEXTGEN Parcel Technologies

It has helped us tremendously with connecting to eCommerce champions who can get our message to decision makers and reduce their shopping cart abandonment rates.I recommend it highly, thank you for such a useful tool!

Yung Duong

Sales Executive

Saleslift has helped me reduce the time I spend on getting contact information of my prospects. Now I can spend more time selling to my prospects.